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Oral Pathology


Objective: To identify the characteristic clinical and Histopathologic features encountered in the oral lesions of PCG and thus, clarifying the variability nature of the studied oral plasma cell granulomas (OPCGS). Materials and Methods a sample of 25 retrospective paraffin blocks of the OPCGS were thoroughly investigated histopathologically. Results: the studied OPCG was mainly represented as a gingival swelling, there was a female tendency in most of the studied OPCGS (92%), ranging from 11-73 years with a mean of 42.40. the majority of the current OPCG (64%) did not express any bone changes. the OPCGS of the present work were characterized by their variable histopathological features, thus creating a marked histological diversity Conclusions: oral plasma cell granuloma (OPCG) is a benign inflammatory lesion that requires biopsy and Histopathological examination to be differentially diagnosed from other lesions irrespective of the clinical features and clinical diagnoses. this is important to rule out possible neoplastic and plasma cell dyscrasias, and other similar diseases such as multiple myeloma.