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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Objective: Objectives: The aim of study was to compare the histological effect of Bisphosphonates (BPH) and Concentrated growth factors (CGFs) in bone defect healing. Materials and Methods: This experimental trial was conducted on 8 adults healthy New Zealand male rabbits weighing (2–3kgs). The rabbits are grouped as following: 4 rabbits in the CGF group and 4 rabbits in the BPH group and then sub-grouped according to sacrification time into 2 and 4 weeks in each rabbit. Two circular bone defects were created in the tibia (so every group have 8 defect). After that, each rabbit was treated by either BPH or CGF. Four rabbits were sacrificed at each of the experimental periods 2 and 4 weeks postoperatively. The right tibia from each animal was immediately removed, fixed with 10% neutral buffered formalin, and dematerialized with Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic acid (EDTA). After the complete demineralization, the tibias were processed to H&E and trichrome staining. After that, histological compare the haling between the two groups. Results: Histological evaluation showed more mature bone formation in the CGFs groups compared to BPH groups. In addition, CGFs groups showed favorable regeneration of bone. Histologically, the bone formation in CGFs groups was higher than in the BPH groups.Conclusions: The current study found that proper application of Concentrated growth factors CGF as an osteoconductive material gave better enhancement in osteogenesis and acceleration in bone healing than Bisphosphonates BPH.