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Objective: To evaluate microtensile bond strength of resin modified glass ionomer restoration in carious primary molars pretreated with silver diamine fluoride. Materials and Methods: forty carious primary molars were collected and divided into two equal groups (n=20) as the following: (Group I) the microtensile bond strength testing group and (Group II) the control group. Each main group subdivided into two subgroups (n=10): (Group I a) the microtensile testing comprised group of no caries excavation and (Group I b) group with caries excavation. (Group II a) the control comprised group of no caries excavation and(Group II b) group of caries excavation.The testing specimens were treated with 38% Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) while the control specimens were treated with deionized water. The specimens of all groups were stored in artificial saliva for 14 days at 37 oc. The carious cavities were conditioned and restored with GC Fuji II LC CAPSULE. After 24hours storage in artificial saliva, the specimens were prepared for microtensile bond strength testing and stressed in tension at one mm/minute until failure. The mean bond strengths were compared using the ANOVA test. Results: There was no statistically significant difference in microtensile bond strength between experimental and the control groups (P=0.145). Conclusion: Silver diamine fluoride does not adversely affect the bond strength between glass ionomer cement and carious primary dentin in vitro.