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Objective: Objective: To evaluate cuspal deflection and microleakage of complex class II cavities filled with bulk fill and incremental resin composite. Also, asses effect of water storage on microleakage. Materials and methods: 120 maxillary premolars were collected, prepared into standardized (MOD) cavities, then teeth were divided as the following:- Forty tooth of the 120 prepared teeth were randomly assigned for cuspal deflection test which were randomly divided into four groups (n=10) according to restorative materials used (Filtek z350,Filtek bulk fill, Fill-up bulk fill , Beautifil bulk fill). The remaining 80 tooth were used for microleakage test, randomly divided into four groups (n=20) according to the previous mentioned used restorative materials. Results: For the cuspal deflection test, A statistically significant difference was found between bulk-fill and incremental-fill composite. Concerning microleakage results, no statistical significant difference was found between all groups investigated immediately or after water storage. Conclusion: Bulk fill resin composites had reduced cuspal deflection than incremental composite with no difference in microleakage recorded.