Corresponding Author

Mohammed A. Elmoslhy

Article Type

Original Article


Purpose: To compare patient satisfaction with single implant mandibular overdenture retained by locator attachment to conventional dentures.

Materials and methods: 8 participants with completely edentulous arches were included in this prospective clinical study. First, conventional complete dentures were constructed for all participants and then a mandibular single midline implant was surgically placed to retain mandibular overdenture (MOD). They received instructions regarding wearing the conventional dentures for three months before implant insertion, then the locator attachment pick-up was done and the participants were asked to wear the mandibular overdenture for the next 3 months. A visual analogue scale (VAS) was utilized to assess patient satisfaction 3 months following each prosthesis use. SPSS was used to analyze the data. A comparison of VAS between the two prostheses was done using paired t-test.

Results: MOD retained with locator attachment was associated with significantly higher satisfaction scores than CD regarding all VAS questions except comfort and maxillary dentures retention, oral hygiene, and handling of the prosthesis.


Patient satisfaction increased with single implant mandibular overdentures retained with locator attachment compared with conventional dentures. Locators’ attachment is preferred in terms of retention and comfort with mandibular overdenture, self-consciousness, and socialization.


attachments, locator, overdenture, satisfaction