Corresponding Author

Heba Yahya Kandeel

Article Type

Original Article


Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate pain following surgical extraction of the impacted mandibular third molar with inward fragmentation technique in combination with the use of ozone gel versus hyaluronic acid for socket preservation.

Patients and methods: This study involved 45 patients who were randomly divided into three equal groups after extraction of their impacted mandibular third molars, as follows: group I: ozone gel was placed in the socket, group II: hyaluronic acid gel was placed in the socket, while in group III (control group): normal healing was allowed without placing any material in the socket. All patients were assessed clinically on the 2nd and 7th days postoperatively regarding pain (using a modified VAS scale).

Results: Regarding pain, no statistically significant difference was recorded on the 2nd day among the groups. On the 7th day postoperatively, there was a statistically significant difference between HA and control group (P≤ 0.001) as well as between ozone gel and hyaluronic acid (P=0.001), but there was no statistically significant difference between ozone and control group (P=0.827).

Conclusions: The use of the hyaluronic acid gel after impacted mandibular third molar surgery can yield better results in controlling pain. Ozone gel showed no effect on pain.


mandibular third molar impaction, hyaluronic acid gel, ozone gel, pain.