Corresponding Author

Mohamed shady Nabil

Article Type

Original Article


Restorative Dentistry


Objective: To evaluate and compare both anterior and posterior area indices of two different bar attachments bar-locator & bar-clip that are used to retain implant mandibular overdentures. Materials and methods: sixteen completely edentulous participants were eligible (mean age is 50 years old). Every participant received new maxillary and mandibular conventional dentures. After 3 months of adaptation, 2- dental implants were inserted in mandibular canine regions. All participants were randomly divided into 2- equal groups; eight patients received bar-locator attachment (group I) and eight patients received bar-clip attachment (group II). Anterior area index (AAI) and posterior area index (PAI) was performed using a panoramic radiograph (AutoCAD® software) at the time of insertion (T0) and after 5 years of insertion (T5). The data were collected and analyzed by independent t-test and paired t-test. Results: For both groups at both times (T0 & T5); there was a significant difference in anterior maxillary bone resorption for group I (p=0.012) while in group II (p≤0.001). Furthermore, Posterior mandibular bone resorption showed a significant difference in both groups (p=0.002) with an increased amount of bone loss in group II than in group I. Conclusion: it was shown that 2-implant mandibular overdentures retained by bar-clip attachment expressed higher values of mandibular posterior and maxillary anterior bone resorption compared to 2-implant mandibular overdentures retained by bar-locator attachment.


Implant overdenture, Bar-clip, Bar-locator, Anterior area index, Posterior area index.