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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery



To evaluate clinically and radiographically the post-extraction socket healing using MPM in combination with alloplast bone graft.

Patients and methods

24 patients required extraction of non-restorable maxillary anterior or premolar teeth and seeking future restoration of their extracted teeth either with implant- supported prosthesis or conventional prosthesis. They were divided equally and randomly into two groups, study group included twelve extraction sockets filled with MPM combined with alloplastic bone graft, and control group included twelve extraction sockets, left empty for spontaneous healing. All patients were evaluated clinically (post operative pain and soft tissue healing one week postoperatively, and radiographically for horizontal alveolar ridge width, vertical alveolar ridge height, and bone density. The radiographic evaluation was done using CBCT immediately after extraction (T0) and 4 months post- extraction (T1).


During follow up period, the twenty- four patients, fifteen females and nine males, their ages ranged between 18- 55 years, randomly divided into two groups, control group four males and eight females, with a mean age of (35.33±10.54) years, and study group, five males and seven females, with a mean age of (34.83±12.02) years. There was no statistically significant difference between both groups with regarding pain and soft tissue healing, while regarding to horizontal alveolar ridge height, there was reduction in both control and study groups (MPM) three level points p1, p2, and p3, but, horizontal bone loss was higher in control group than in study group with statistically significant difference at 0.007* in coronal level, statistically significant at 0.002* in middle level, and statistically significant at


Since the major changes in the dimensions of the ridge occur within the first 2 months, it is better to preserve the ridge at the time of extraction itself. Besides the routine usage of bone graft in socket preservation, the addition of MPM provided additional growth factors which enhanced the wound healing process and maintained the dimensions.


alveolar ridge preservation, and bone loss., bone augmentation procedures, bone substitute materials