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Objective: Assessment of ferrule effect on fracture resistance of Customized fiber post and Custom-made PEEK post with a core. Materials and Methods: 28 single-rooted mandibular premolars with approximate similarity in shape and size and no cracks or caries were selected for this study. The length of the root was measured from the root apex to the middle point of the cementoenamel junction in the labial surface; it was about (16±1 mm). Teeth were divided into two groups, each group contained 14 teeth, with a ferrule group and without a ferrule group followed by coronal decapitation of all samples. Endodontic treatment was performed for all samples followed by mounting samples in acrylic blocks and then preparation of post space. Each group of the two groups was subdivided into two subgroups (n=7/subgroup), the first subgroup was restored with custom-made polyether ether ketone (PEEK) post and core, and the second subgroup was restored with customized fiber post and composite resin core. Results: Samples with ferrule (651.68±66.34) had a significantly higher fracture strength value than samples without ferrule (528.86±60.85) (p<0.001). Conclusions: based on the results and conditions of this study, the following findings can be drawn: With ferrule samples are more resistant to fracture than ferrule samples with the two different post types.