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Dental Biomaterials


Objective: To evaluate the degree of conversion (DC), and orthodontic bracket shear bond strength (SBS) after the incorporation of 3 wt.% TiF4 into an orthodontic primer. Materials and Methods: According to the concentration of TiF4 within the orthodontic primer, there were two groups: the control (TF0C) and experimental groups (TF3C) (0&3 wt.% TiF4 respectively). The DC was evaluated for each group using FTIR. Ten orthodontic brackets were bonded using each concentration to the clean and etched enamel buccal surface. The SBS test was performed in an Instron universal testing machine, using a chisel positioned at the junction interface with a speed of 1.0 mm/min. Results: The DC was not significantly affected. TF3C (5.13±0.55) had the lowest SBS values in comparison to the control group (8.03±1.56). Conclusions: Incorporation of 3 wt.% of TiF4 within the primer of 3-step etch and rinse orthodontic adhesive was not recommended. Although it did not affect the degree of conversion, the bonding potency was greatly compromised.